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Tiny Houses for Sale in Michigan | 10 Small Homes You Can Buy Now

In search of a tiny house in the Wolverine State? Look no further!


Get ready to point at the palm of your hand as you identify where these ten awesome little homes are located.

michigan hand map

And if you’re not sure how much to pay for your new home, check out this article for some insight.

Traverse City Park Home

Square feet: 600
Location: Traverse City
Price: $55,000

Traverse City

Lovers of the great outdoors will appreciate everything this fully furnished little home has to offer. You’ll be within walking distance of hiking and biking trails, a swimming pool, and public park.

Traverse City 2

The house is constructed with a 200 square foot loft, ideal for storage or for the kids to have a separate area of their own.

Creek Cabin

Square feet: 376
Location: Luther
Price: $29,900

Creek cabin 1

With 2.5 acres of land for budding homesteaders to get down and dirty in, this tiny home is a work in progress that could be ideal for your next project.

Creek cabin 2

Currently, the home has no septic system or running water, so make sure to budget for those upgrades. (You can save a lot of money while creating scads of rich compost for your garden using the humanure method.)

Retro Beach Cottage on Wheels

Square feet: 130
Location: Gladwin
Price: $29,000

Beach on wheels 2

If the open road is calling your name, (or you’d rather spend your winter in Florida,) then this lovely little home could be ideal for you.

Beach on wheels 1

This little house on wheels comes with all the amenities you would expect from an RV, like hot running water, a sewage tank, electricity connections and a full sized bathroom. The seller is willing to negotiate delivery.

Charlevoix Dream

Square feet: 270
Location: Charlevoix
Price: $15,000


Built using a 27-foot military trailer, this little diamond in the rough is almost finished, and already has granite flooring in the bathroom.  The home comes with a tankless water heater, shower enclosure and various other amenities. Not bad for 15-grand!

Bargain Loft Cottage on Wheels

Square feet: 130
Location: Scottville
Price: $3700

bargain loft 1

This house could be the deal on wheels of your dreams! The seller is going into the Peace Corps, so they’re selling their tiny house at a bargain price.

bargain loft 2

It needs a little finishing work, but comes equipped with two heating methods for those cold Michigan winters.

Handmade House on Wheels

Square feet: 112
Location: Ludington
Price: $5500


Handcrafted with tons of TLC, this little trailer home on wheels comes with built in furniture and a propane stove.

Woodland Cabin

Square feet: 144
Location: Montague
Price: $130,000

Situated on 2.87 acres of land, this beautiful woodland cabin includes access to 1000 feet of Lake Michigan common beach front property.

The home is constructed of cedar, with bamboo flooring, cathedral ceilings and French doors. You’ll have loads of amenities including a propane stove, RV fridge, 80-gallon drinking water tank, shower and RV toilet.

Egg Harbor Tiny House

Square feet: 91
Location: Sturgeon Bay
Price: $5000

This little house on wheels has a sleep loft, an almost-complete kitchen, and partially finished bathroom with a composting toilet. Check out this video tour of the home by clicking the image above!

Norton Shores Special

Square feet: 500
Location: Norton Shores
Price: $59,900

special 1

This traditional little one bedroom home has a large open-space design plan, equipped with a large sleeping area, kitchen, laundry space and mud room. Tons of attic storage space can be accessed with a pull-down ladder.

special 2

You’ll also have a large yard for the kids to play in, or to start your own vegetable garden.

Bargain Work in Progress on Wheels

Square feet: 91
Location: Sturgeon Bay
Price: $3500

sturgeon 1

Mostly completed, this tiny home on wheels is being sold at a bargain because the owners are moving to Washington and are unable to take it with them. With a little love and attention, it could become the little mobile home of your dreams.


If none of these homes strike your fancy, or you prefer to live in another state, then check out these seven awesome sources for tiny homes for sale right now.

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Mark Peele - June 14, 2016 Reply

How would I go about contacting someone if I wanted to inquire about one of the Michigan homes for sale. (I live in Traverse City MI & would be interested in the 1st home on your list. Why don’t you include some contact information?

    Kent Griswold - June 14, 2016 Reply

    Hi Mark, Collin has put a link in the title of each home for sale. All the info for contact is there, etc. I will suggest to him that he does that in any future posts. -Kent

Lanette Wolf - August 5, 2016 Reply

Did the first house sell? We are very interested in the property. Or are there other homes like it for sale is it is sold. We would purchase with cash.
Thank you.

    Collin Vickers - August 5, 2016 Reply

    Hey Lanette, that particular listing has been archived, which may mean that the house has sold. I recommend having a look at http://tinyhouselistings.com/ and searching for homes in the area you’d like to live in to see if there are similar opportunities available. 🙂

Dee gordon - September 17, 2016 Reply

I’m looking for a one bedroom,one brath, small kitchen with small living room. Must have utility room and attached garage. Hopefully in a senior land area, what it for retirement. Don’t want basement, but would love heated floors. About 650 sq. ft., maybe. Prefer modular, had two and nothing was built as good as them. Live in Oakland county area I’d Lake Orion. Please help. Need land and house.

Lisa - October 5, 2016 Reply

Hi! My husband and I are experienced builders (well…he is!) and we have just launched a company to build tiny houses on wheels for others. Our plan is to primarily serve folks near Traverse City, MI. We are based outside of Frankfort, MI. We look forward to working with people through this site and beyond! Warmly Lisa

    Linda - November 5, 2016 Reply

    Interested in your company and the area that you serve. We live in Traverse City and would like to move into a tiny house. Please let me know what your plans are and how your business is doing.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    James - June 9, 2017 Reply

    My wife and I are coming to Traverse City in the near future. Do you have any tiny homes that we could take a look at. We have never actually been inside one and would like to see one first hand.

    Kim - June 29, 2017 Reply

    Hi Lisa, I am interested in finding out more information on your business. I am considering a tiny house for me and my son. I would like to discuss pricing and options with you. I am currently living in Westland, Mi but do not have a problem with traveling to Traverse City for the right price. However Id like to live in the Livonia school district so i would need something that would be easy to move.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Tamara - January 29, 2018 Reply

    Hello Lisa, I am looking to build a small (not tiny) home IN the FRANKFORT area.
    Please, will you or your husband contact me?

    Thank you!

    Keith Miller - January 25, 2019 Reply

    I’m in the Traverse Area, and am looking for someone to build a tiny house on wheels for me. How can I reach you to discuss?


    Ryan Gummere - October 17, 2019 Reply

    Hi Lisa,
    Can you please give me a call at 616.974.8416. I believe my wife and I stayed in one of your homes on our property for our anniversary. I have a tiny home development I’d like to share with you and see if you are interested in learning more.
    Thank you Lisa – Happy Thursday!

Marion Lewis - December 8, 2016 Reply

I find the Norton Shores special appealing. Traditional home with spacious yard is what i like about this. I envy whoever buys this one. Good choice!

Sheryl L Maironis - September 13, 2017 Reply

How do I find out which cities/communities allow tiny houses in Wayne and Oakland County, MI? I need to stay close to the city for employment.

Doreen - October 16, 2017 Reply

How do I find out where I can place a tiny house in Wayne and/or Ogemaw counties?

    Kent Griswold - October 16, 2017 Reply

    You will need to check county codes, they usually have a website that will have this information.

Wendy - July 5, 2018 Reply

I am very interested in a small home. I would like to stay around the Grand Rapids area. How do I go about looking for properties to purchase a tiny or small home. Thanks in advance

Penny - February 14, 2019 Reply

I have a 32′ 5th wheel that I would like to replace the roof (rubber) to a traditional tiny home roof and replace the fiberglass siding with another type of siding. I would like to replace the flooring material with a laminate flooring but have two slide outs (Bedroom and LR/DR).
Is there anyone out there that is willing to tackle such a project? At least replace the roof at this time. It is a 2000 Coachman and the first to be a metal frame RV. It is located just south of Battle Creek, Michigan

Joann Michigan - February 25, 2020 Reply

I would love to have one because I feel like it would be very cozy and affordable.

Willie Michigan - March 10, 2020 Reply

This tiny house is beautiful and amazing is very good for those who want to travel everywhere with their homes thanks so much God bless you keep doing your good job thanks

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