Riding the Roller Coaster to a Simpler Life with Rene Hardee

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In the middle of a typical day in a typical family, Rene’s “Ah Ha!” moment led to her becoming a not-so-typical-one-woman whirlwind of tiny house change and advocacy. She started out with one goal in mind, to live a simple life. Nowadays, however, her days are anything but; divided between her family, her job, and her tireless work with planning and promoting the new Rockledge Tiny House Community.  If you’ve ever thought you cannot advocate for tiny houses alone, that finding exceptions to the tiny house zoning rules in your tiny corner of the world is too daunting, we know you’ll be impressed and inspired by Rene and her progress.

More photos and cliff notes here.

Rene Hardee

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David - June 12, 2016 Reply

This is an incredibly useful podcast because it addresses the biggest problem facing the tiny house movement, namely planning laws, and offers some creative thinking regarding working within those laws. My first tiny house was built without planning permission; my second tiny house was built with all the necessary permits. Psychologically it is so much better to be fully legal rather than having to skunk around and hope no one is watching.

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