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Little House on the Trailer at Sonoma Home and Garden Show

If you are in or near Sonoma County this weekend, stop by and see Stephen Marshall at the Sonoma Home and Garden Show.

The show runs from March 20 -22 and is located at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. The address is: 1350 Bennett Valley Road, Santa Rosa, California.


Stephen will have on display the original dwelling pictured above, an Art Space, a Caregiver Cottage and a shed built with Sing Honeycomb panels. I will be stopping by this afternoon and plan to take a few pictures. So look for an update on Sunday. Visit Little House on the Trailer website.


Free Tiny House Plans

Michael Janzen over at the Tiny House Design blog has just updated his 8 x 8 tiny house Free plan. Go and get your copy. Michael is doing an excellent job on these and you can’t beat the price. I think we will see at least one more version of this one with a building supply list and a few adjustments. Michael is also asking for ideas for his next free plan. So go cast your vote at the Tiny House Design blog and get your free plans while you are there.

P.S. Michael just posted version 3 which is the final version  on his site. Go and get it now.


Big Dreams come in Tiny Houses

Peter King has been featured in the Burlington Free Press paper and the article is a good read and gives an update on Peter’s latest projects and plans.

With his venture, Vermont Tiny Houses, King seeks to help people achieve their own tiny house dream for less than $2,000. A 10-foot by 10-foot by 10-foot house — a perfect cube, minus the pitched roof — is accessible for people after just attending a weekend workshop with King.

He recently finished a slightly larger tiny house model in Craftsbury, and he’s working on one currently in Burlington. Soon he’ll be flying out to California to build a tiny house for a friend. 

Read the full article at Burlington Free Press.


Fencl Under Construction for East Coast Tour

I have been over to Jay Shafer’s at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company location a couple of times this week and am enjoying watching the construction of the first Fencl. This is the home Jay Shafer will be taking back east on his cross country tour starting in May. Go to their website to get the full details. I will continue to post photos of the project as it becomes a full blown tiny house, so keep checking back.

Also Jay’s new book is available only here on the Tiny House Blog till April 1, so if you would like a copy click on the Store tab above.

Floating Shack Movie

Stephanie over at Coming Unmoored posted this video about two brothers living on a floating shack they built and making music. I really like the movie and wanted to share it with you. I am also a big fan of Bluegrass music and of tiny floating homes, so enjoy!

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J.D. - March 20, 2009 Reply

Another solid post! You should up your Ad rates on this site. Your work is worth every cent!

What I liked: OBJECTIVITY!

As I noted on Michael’s Blog, compare the cost of Peter King’s Tiny House with what expensive “others” are charging.

The Tiny House Holy Grail–build it inexpensively with green or reclaimed materials and easy instructions. The rest is just sugar coating and cream filling.

    Kent Griswold - March 21, 2009 Reply

    Thanks for your compliment and support JD. Please continue to voice your opinions here on the Tiny House Blog. It is good to hear it from every angle as we all see things differently.

J.D. - March 21, 2009 Reply


Thanks. You and Michael should be commended for your efforts. With more exposure into building methods, free plans, actual testimonies and workable ideas, the aspiring “have nots” within the Tiny House market will inch closer towards home ownership.

This market is still relatively untapped. Perhaps you could coordinate with Michael and produce a comprehensive “guide book” complete with everything on building a Tiny House from point A to point B, covering all off-grid essentials in between.

Now that would be something worth buying!

No fluff, just pure blue-collar substance.

Kent Griswold - March 21, 2009 Reply

Great idea JD, let me bounce it off of Michael and a couple other people. I don’t have all that knowledge myself, but if we pooled together the know how out there I bet we could come up with something like that.

Fencl Update #2 - March 30, 2009 Reply

[…] last time I was out there, the floor had just been completed (see previous post, towards the bottom). During the last week the walls have gone up, the roof has been framed and the loft built. The […]

robert - January 6, 2012 Reply

True or false?
Anything built on a trailor does not require any stamps of any kind. If it passes DMV inspection you are good.

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