Fencl Update #1


Fencl Under Construction for East Coast Tour

I have been over to Jay Shafer’s at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company location a couple of times this week and am enjoying watching the construction of the first Fencl.

This is the home Jay Shafer will be taking back east on his cross country tour starting in May. Go to their website to get the full details. I will continue to post photos of the project as it becomes a full blown tiny house, so keep checking back.


This home is for sale and Jay is looking for a buyer. If you are interested please get in touch with him and get all the details.

Also Jay’s new book is available only here on the Tiny House Blog till April 1, so if you would like a copy click on the Store tab above.





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9 thoughts on “Fencl Update #1”

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    • Half of the deck boards on the trailer itself were not removed as Jay advises.

      Second, they didn’t use the aluminum flashing to keep rodents out.

  2. These little houses built on trailers intrigue me: How do you attach/anchor the structure to the trailer itself? How do you reinforce the structure to contol for torquing and resonance when it’s being towed?

  3. Hi Eliza – I was checking my pictures to see if I had anything to show how the frame is fastened to the foundation and trailer and I don’t have anything. I’ll need to check with Jay for some pictures.

    The foundation or floor is bolted to the trailer and I know the framing is screwed together and in some places glued as well. I know Bill at Tortoise shell uses some earthquake straps to secure it to the floor and trailer and I think Tumbleweeed does also. I just need to verify that. Sorry so vague.


    • Any update on visuals of the tiny house being attached to the trailer. I have seen a wide variety of techniques used in blogs, but none which have used Jay’s technique from his plans.

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