Tasting Tiny: Give Your Best Life a Test-Drive

You are one of those cool dads whose big white sneakers inspired Balenciaga. Who takes the drone out on the weekend to get fantastic shots of your child’s baseball game. Who inspires other dads to step up the cool factor with those fun techie things that make your kids exhilarated with the amount of awe.

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You’ve definitely given some thought to the tiny house life. The only thing standing in your way is the live-in half-clones who might get under foot. And a million other maybes.


Don’t live in maybe-land. Give it a live test by spending your summer in a tiny living space: explore the great outdoors, take the fam’ fishing, or just sink your feet a little deeper into the earth. There are a million reasons to take your tiny living thoughts on a live test Here are a few to push you ahead:


Imagine waking up at the first edge of light gripping its long fingers onto the edge of a flat red desert plain, touching every sagebrush flower with columns of amber light, splintering and splitting the night sky into a brand new day — or taking the kids along a winding coastal highway dipped with redwoods tall enough to tickle the sky.


Taking a test run on tiny town gives you more options on adventure, especially if you convert something easy to move. You could wake up on the mesa one morning and take your bed with you to the Canyons of the Ancients on the very same day! If you want an adventure with your summer, taking tiny homes on a trial run. is a great way to get a taste of adventure. Take your summer to the max with tiny house trials.

Green Living

There is no reason to not live your best and greenest life. You care about leaving this planet a better place for your kids. Living in a tiny house is one way to take a load off the Earth (as long as you make it that way). Smaller homes have smaller material and heating costs, so not only are you saving the environment by using less, you are even spending less! Whether you want to take it off the grid, or just go smaller, your chic, adventurous mode of living will allow you to leave the world a better place AND see more of it.


Tiny living is better for the planet. Taking a test drive in a small home will give you the chance to see if you can live without it all. What do you need to bring you happiness and what from your full-size house do you think you can do without? Tiny homes aren’t just greener because they are smaller; their size dictates the amount of items that you take with you every day. Your tiny house helps you become less wasteful in other parts of your life.

Low Commitment

Your kids are all over the place. In an ideal world, you’d be able to let them out the front door of your tiny house. But will that be the case?


Test driving a tiny house during the summer will help you test it out. It’s significantly less expensive than you might think. Whether you’re camping on the Rio Grande or in the wilderness of Crown Land, North America is dotted with free places to park and lay your head.


You could even build your own tiny home off of an existing trailer if you’d like the option of keeping your tiny home for camping. Having your own home touches while on the road is a welcome reprieve that can keep you going on an adventure even longer, as long as you don’t take the easy road out and sacrifice space with an A-frame. Having a proper shell over your back while on the road is very important when testing out the lifestyle. This way you can get a proper test on if this is for you. So while building your own tiny home can save you some cost, renting one is great if you can’t DIY.


If you’re less worried about where you are going to park your new life, and more concerned with where to get one, you can always rent your test drive. There are plenty of ways to make your experiment into the coolest, best way to live, low commitment and low cost.


It’s time to take the leap, you cool dad, you. Whether your sick of dreaming or staying awake in maybe-land, take the test drive and give yourself some peace. Worst-case scenario, you’ll see and save a little piece of the planet. Taste the tiny life today!


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