The tiny house movement has gone viral the world over. The idea of being able to have a complete home that can be towed behind a vehicle, although not new, is a timely concept.

With the cost of full-sized homes being beyond the reach of many, coupled with the high cost of land, the future requires another alternative. THOW’s (Tiny House on Wheels) have offered practical solutions to the cost problem. Also, the portability allows a mobile populace to take their home along with them.

Virtually all of these houses are designed to conform to highway legal status of 8½’ width, 13½’ height and 30’ plus length. The resulting interior space is limited, however, and after a week or two within these cramped spaces, claustrophobia often sets in. Wouldn’t it be grand if your tiny 250 square foot (23 sq. meters) could be parked and then more than doubled in size to contain a real kitchen, full bath with tub/shower, ample living/dining area, and two full bedrooms, plus a sleeping loft?

Now you can with “Fold-A-Mansion”. This lightweight and heavily insulated THOW does all this and more. Not only does it have twice the floor and cubic area of a standard 30’ long THOW, it also contains a real “U” shaped kitchen. The kitchen sports a full height refrigerator, 24” range/oven, microwave, two compartments sink and countertop bar with three stools. The bathroom has a full bathtub/shower, plus a combination clothes washer/dryer.

The Master Bedroom sleeps two within a Queen Size Murphy combination bed/wardrobe and a walk-in closet. Bedroom #2 has a single Murphy bed/desk and also a wardrobe closet. The sleeping loft contains a Queen size bed and the sofa/bed in the Living Room allows a total of 8 persons to sleep in comfort.

The Fold-A-Mansion offers the complete range of features for off-grid living as optional accessories.

The Fold-A-Mansion also incorporates a most valuable feature, rarely ever seen, on a

THOW. Every exterior wall and covered porch is provided with a minimum 2 foot wide roof overhang. This provides comfort and cleanliness, especially in wet climates.
The Fold-A-Mansion conversion process is easily folded open and closed by professionals and readily leveled for use as any standard THOW.

Fold-A-Mansion is the truly “big sized” tiny house.

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Skooj - June 28, 2018 Reply

Are there any links, or info for the company. Does the product actually exist?

    Kent Griswold - June 29, 2018 Reply

    I am unable to get a website but they are built in Costa Rica.

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