Accessorizing Your Tiny Home

The right accessories can enhance the comfort and beauty of your dwelling. However, if you find mixing and matching the right odds and ends challenging, your home can look cluttered and out of sorts, especially if you have a tiny home. The following tips and ideas can add style and character to your home without making it look claustrophobic.

Decorate With Mirrors

If you’re a novice when it comes to decorating, you may be wondering how to make a tiny dwelling larger without adding on to its size with a remodel. Mirrors can reflect the sun’s rays and help to illuminate your house naturally. They can also make your rooms feel bigger and more spacious. If your decorating scheme is rustic, you can use golden edged mirrors. If your style is contemporary, steel finished mirrors can complete your room. Place the mirror in the middle of the wall and add wall sconces on each side. You can also hang simple accessories from the mirror such as a floral swag or decorative wreath.

Make a Statement with Fabrics

The home decorating market has a wide range of textiles and fabrics for homeowners to choose from. If you want to refresh your living space, and you don’t have a lot of room to work with, you can match the style of the fabric with the décor of your room. Rugs should be selected with softness and comfort in mind. If your furniture is sparse, cow skin cushions can add luxury and vibrancy to a room.

Add Depth with the Right Lighting


Lighting is critical when you’re looking to add character, depth and style to a small home. Mix and match lamps and lights in various sizes and shapes. Overhead track lighting can liven up a small, dark room. If you’re looking to add the illusion of additional space, place soft lighting in and around bookcases and cabinetry. Pendant lights can help set the tone for a romantic setting.

Pick the Right Plants

rose and lamp

Sleek planters can add class to any room. While you don’t want your house to appear
that you live in the jungle, filling your rooms with tall ferns and potted plants can help add character to your coffee tables, bookshelves, fireplace mantle and in between furniture. When adding plants, you want to take into consideration if the décor should be fake or real. If you go real, choose plant life that are non-poisonous and thorn-free.


A Trip to Pick Up Art and Souvenirs

Trips overseas can afford you the opportunity to collect unique accessories for the home. While your tiny home probably won’t be able to accommodate ostentatious artifacts, you can still pick up some affordable, great finds from your trip. Mason jars, jugs, candle stands, vases and pitchers can be distributed throughout your dwelling. When perusing antique stores and other shops, you want to try to look for options that match your own personalized style. You also don’t have to venture far for some inexpensive collectibles. Your local thrift store may have goods that have been refurbished. In addition to affordability, you may be able to find some great buys when looking through the shelves and wracks of the store.

Art work doesn’t have to be expensive in order to beautify your home. You can easily pickup paintings or drawings that are done by artists in your area. If you favor movies or music, try looking for musical instruments or movie posters to place on your vacant walls. You can even display your child’s artwork that they’ve done at school and place them in a uniquely styled frame. Unframed tapestries and art can also make a tiny home come alive.

8 thoughts on “Accessorizing Your Tiny Home”

  1. Face a mirror towards a window with a nature scene.

    If you face a mirror towards a cluttered room with open shelving, the area may feel even more cluttered and claustrophobic.

  2. For longer lasting daylight, try skylights or arched windows.

    Try decorative windows at the top of peaked walls, such as half-moon, diamond, stained glass.

    Place windows where they’re most needed, such as across from furniture to enjoy a view.

    Try undercounter appliances and span windows across an entire kitchen counter area.

    Try skylights over the living area, kitchen counter, bathroom and bedroom.

    For privacy, hang a stained glass window in front of a clear window, such as in a bathroom.

  3. Extend working space with a narrow folding shelf beneath a deep bay window. Use the window sill for utensil baskets or plants. Use the shelf to prep food, dine, study, do crafts.

    Try a 1′ x 1′ floor-to-ceiling cupboard next to the shelf. Store crafts, coats/boots, dry goods, swivel sweeper.


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