Live Simple Site Matches Tiny House Owners with Adventure Seekers

Do you want to just try out a tiny house for a few nights or meet up with other tiny house enthusiasts? The website, Live Simple, matches up tiny house owners with people who want to try out a small space. The site also features a tiny house community and tiny homes for sale. They run the gamut from THOW to teardrop trailers.


While still in the early stages, the site (like Airbnb for tiny spaces) only features homes under 500 square feet as well as campers and other tiny recreational options. The owner, Brendan Rempel started Live Simple as a fun way to connect with the tiny house community. After graduating from college with a mountain of debt, he quickly learned to live simply and lives primarily out of two duffle bags during his travels as a minor league hockey player.


The site connects interested renters or buyers with tiny house owners through the secure online messaging system. There is no fee to list your home and you can set the date availability, prices and terms. Live Simple charges a 10% plus Paypal fee for the service and guests are responsible for the owner’s rental property.


Several places for rent include Sarah’s Apple Blossom Cottage in Vermont for $70 a night, Alece’s Nashville Tiny House for $119 a night and Adventure Travel Sport Rentals Sportsmobile for $350 a night. A few homes for sale include the models from Brevard Tiny House Company and the Trillium Caravan from woodworker Jim Tolpin.

Photos by Nick Sloff/Brevard Tiny House Company, Apple Blossom Cottage and Trillium Caravan




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  1. This is a great idea! I’ve been thinking about doing something similar for quiet some time now. I like the idea of incorporating Tiny Houses with travel. I think it would be particularly awesome to set up a network of tiny houses along backpacking routes in the developing world–Central and South America, South East Asia. What do you think? Is anyone out there interested in helping me make this happen?


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