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Stopping the Kinder Morgan TransMountain Pipeline

My friend Rob Greenfield recently sent me a video about something I had heard about but not followed up on. I’ll let him tell you more about it.

Meet the Tiny House Warriors! Building tiny houses on the path of a pipeline to stop it in its tracks. Kinder Morgan wants to pump tar sands oil through the Secwepemc Nation. Tar sands oil is one of the dirtiest fossil fuels used today. The Secwepemc people are standing strong to protect their land, building 10 tiny houses along the TransMountain pipeline route to assert Secwepemc Law and jurisdiction. They have not given permission to Kinder Morgan to enter their land and this has been their land since time immemorial. Each tiny house will provide housing to Secwepemc families who face a housing crisis due to deliberate colonial impoverishment, and each will have off-the-grid solar power.

The Tiny House Warriors are modeling hope, possibility, and solutions to the world.

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Living Big In A Tiny House did a longer video on this and I think you would enjoy watching it also.

Ten tiny houses are about to go head-to-head with a giant proposed oil pipeline. In what some area already dubbing the next ‘Standing Rock’, Kanahus Manuel, an activist of the Secwepemc Nation is spearheading a team of builders and volunteers from all over North America to construct tiny homes with the aim of halting the expansion of the Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline which would run through 518 kilometres of Secwepemc Territory.

The proposed pipeline comes just 3 years after the disastrous incident at Mt Polley, where water and slurry with years worth of mining waste were released into Polley Lake.

This group of dedicated activists say that building the tiny homes is not only an act of resistance, but also of creation, building something beautiful, to create hope and create homes for the community.

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Ron Pickle - November 28, 2017 Reply

Hats off to these tiny home warriors, after all it was their land and they are protesting in a very peaceful way by creating beautiful homes, drawing clean energy to power it and creating an excellent example.

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