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December 6, 2019

Off-Grid Yurt Living with Smart, Frugal DIY Hacks

Connor and his wife live in a 314 sqft, 20’ off-grid yurt in western Oregon on his friend’s forest property. It is their temporary tiny home for the next few years, while they plan and save for their future tiny house build.

As Connor puts it, yurts are living structures. With that come unique challenges and a refreshing organic feel. Learn more about the traditional yurt and how it influences tiny house dwellers here.

One excellent solution he created is a dome cover out of a piece of hoop and shade cloth. It minimizes the bright light and heat from the sun during the peak of the day. This is just one of the many inexpensive DIY build hacks they created.

The best way to save is to make it yourself. He built out the interior using clever design features, like his kitchen. It has a movable island for flexible open floor space. Of note, the base price for Connor’s yurt is relatively affordable too– $8,500 US for Pacific Yurts 20′ yurt.

On the other end of the spectrum are luxury yurts, like the Weather Port Shelter Systems. Learn more about those here, and search our blog for more articles about a wide-variety of yurt models.

Would you live in a yurt?

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