Can you Power a Tiny House with the Cybertruck?

Just after the reveal of the Tesla Cybertruck, Karl Gesslein knew that the futuristic looking vehicle would be the perfect solution to power his new tiny home. It was also helpful that the truck is reminiscent of his childhood dream vehicle—the DMC DeLorean.

The Tesla Cybertruck can tow 14,000 pounds, but can it power a tiny house?

Photo by Tesla

Gesslein lives near Ithaca, New York and is in the process of building a 11×23 foot tiny home on a $500 trailer from Craigslist. The home will have south facing windows and R40 roof and R30 walls to protect from cold northern winters. The home will also have a small kitchen and a bed that hangs from the ceiling. So far he has less than $10,000 invested in the tiny home.

A New York man plans to use the truck to generate power for his new home.

Photo by Karl Gesslein

The house will have south facing windows and a bed that hangs from the ceiling.

Photo by Karl Gesslein

That’s a good sign because the power source for this new home will come in the form of a $50,000 Dual Motor 4WD Cybertruck that Gesslein has already ordered. Gesslein and his wife currently live in an off-grid traditional home. They have figured out that their home with its LED lights, efficient appliances, and their computers can be powered for nearly a year by the Cybertruck. They can get even more power from the truck’s optional solar panel cover.

Far from the high-tech truck, the home was built on a $500 trailer.

Photo by Karl Gesslein

In one of his videos and in a blog post, Gesslein talks about how he plans on using the truck as his home’s portable 240 volt generator. Oh…by the way…you can drive the truck for over 300 miles on one charge as well.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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