Freedom from the Housing Trap with Zack Giffin

Zack Giffin

Grey Bryan a curator for TEDxCoconutGrove reached out to me as he felt this was a great talk on the benefits of tiny homes.

Tiny house builder, Zack Giffin, shares his passion for tiny living as a tool for financial freedom in his talk “Freedom From The Housing Trap.”

Zack Giffin is a well known advocate of the tiny house movement and host of the popular television show, Tiny House Nation. A home builder and carpenter by trade, Zack has worked his life around outdoor adventures, eventually turning his passion for backcountry skiing into an occupation. A longtime practitioner of simple living Zack was naturally drawn to the Tiny House movement and in 2011 built his own tiny ski chalet on wheels. Zack’s function-based use of space and inventive multi-purpose designs have become a calling card of his work and reputation.

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Catherine Wilson - May 7, 2017 Reply

That was an awesome presentation by Zack. He has
Expressed the need for change SO well.
Thank you

Debra Bushee - May 7, 2017 Reply

WOW excellent video with ZACK GRIFFIN ! I learned a few things and was surprized at other thing that he talked about . but most of all it made me all the more determined to build my THOW . I have only started this year and only am working on frame, (trailer) making it stronger but have given six years to finish it ..sincerely deb b in VT
Keep up the excellent work you do for the tiny house communitee

Silver Gypsy - May 8, 2017 Reply

One problem I see with selling municipalities on the idea of Tiny House renters as a means of helping mortgage bound land owners is that it relies on a poor job market and excludes Seniors on fixed incomes. Now, maybe it has to go this way in the beginning to get things going, but ultimately we need to be able to provide land for any and all THOW owners. This would have to do with codes and regs dealing with utilities and sewage demands by the presiding local government. Too many of these local governments have set such high requirements that it approaches intentionally prohibitive. I’m glad to see builders getting involved in this. Builders can make the point that McMansion’s are not the house-of-choice for the future and that denying parking places or land ownership (on the basis of utilities or regulated home sizing) is only going to negatively impact the building industry as a whole. Municipalities need to be made aware of their need to be responsive to future needs and not only be reactionary re current owners.

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