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Alternative Living Spaces with Tony

20 foot container on wheels

Tony built his first container in his parent’s backyard. He spent 9 months and $13,000 on materials. This included the container but not the cost of construction since he did it himself.

Tony’s friend did a video walkthrough of his project and he posted it on his new business website the day after. The video went viral and his business Alternative Living Spaces took off.

Inspiration for the Business

The high cost of homes today and the idea of building affordable homes.

The average cost of a container home is between $50,000 and $100,000. This is for the container only and doesn’t include the land or utilities to make it a permanent home.

Container Construction

Similar to standard stick construction but using the container as the base and building around it.

Can also be constructed on wheels.

Alternative Tiny House

Steel base and able to withstand extreme weather.

Option to build on wheels and move it around from place to place. RV certified and can be placed anywhere an RV is approved.

DIY Alternative

The container build can be done as a DIY project and there is training on the internet to do it.

Here are some links to learn more:

More Container Homes Built By Tony’s Company

Videos by Tiny House Giant Journey. Follow the channel here:

30 foot container home

The ALT 30′ model is one of the only 30′ container homes on the market! It has a full bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room space. It’s often used for full time living or to generate additional income as rental unit on personal property. Starting at $74,000.

40 foot container home

The ALT 40′ model is 320 Sq.Ft. and is designed to be placed directly on the ground. It has a living room, kitchen, full bathroom and a bedroom. It’s often used as a backyard guest house, airbnb rental or placed on personal property in rural locations as a vacation getaway. Starting at $86,000.

interior of 40 foot container

Interior of 40′ container home.

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