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Tiny Digs Hotel Tour

I had the privilege of meeting Pam Westra and her husband at the Tiny House Fest Nortwest a few weeks ago. Pam and her husband own Tiny Digs Hotel based in Portland, Oregon. I had been wanting to visit it and once Pam and I started talking I received an invite.

The next week I was back in the Portland area and made arrangements to meet Pam and tour Tiny Digs Hotel. Friday afternoon is very busy and guests are checking in so I wasn’t able to go inside all of the tiny homes that are available to rent for vacations, etc. Therefore some of the photos in this article are from the Tiny House Digs website and Pam gave me permission to share them with you.

This is one of the classiest tiny house hotels I’ve had the opportunity to check out. Pam is an interior decorator by heart and has made each tiny house theme fun to see and explore. Though the spaces are small you can spend a lot of time just checking out all the little details.

Pam and her husband have traveled worldwide and brought that experience into the different themes of each tiny house. We will explore each one briefly in the photos below.

Entering the front gate you are welcomed at the Tiny Digs tiny house office. Setting the stage for your stay, it is a very welcoming little office. Pam will be the one to welcome you over the weekend and other people cover it throughout the week.

Let’s start touring the tiny homes in the Tiny Digs Hotel.

The Arthur Tiny House

Almost like riding the rails! Stepping into our cheery yellow train car feels like starting a mini adventure – even if the scenery outside the window doesn’t change. The Arthur tiny house is named for Pam’s Grandfather who had a passion for trains.

The Bamboo Tiny House

I was able to get a tour of this tiny house, such cool detail.

A small Koi pond by the front door creates an ideal first impression for this bamboo-filled den of Zen. The dark stained exterior emulates the Japanese style of charred wood called shou-sugi-ban or yakisugi-ita.

The Barn Tiny House

Our little red Barn tiny house offers all the fun of a farmhouse stay, but with none of the dirty work. A custom-built Dutch barn door welcomes you into the open front living area which is paneled with reclaimed 100 yr old barn wood wainscoting.

The Beach Tiny House

This one I was also lucky enough to get to go inside!

Cape Cod in Portland! The Beach tiny house conjures the soothing setting of an ocean shore getaway from the minute you walk past its patio with twin Adirondack chairs. On the exterior, we used classic grey shake shingles and white trim and a large awning over the deck protects the front entry from the weather.

The Cabin Tiny House

Native Port Orford cedar log siding and real antlers above the door set the tone for our ultimate mini-log-home experience. The interior features bright blue décor, as well as tongue-and-groove cedar walls, acacia flooring, a hickory cabinet, and a blue pine accent wall that separates the bathroom from the kitchen.

The Cottage Tiny House

This one I also got a peak inside.

If you love Victorian shabby chic, you’ll love your stay in the Cottage. As you walk up to the large covered porch you’ll immediately take note of classic romantic details – gingerbread gable trim, leaded and stained glass windows and a copper weather vane. Inside, the early 1900’s furniture pieces and all of the architectural accents will thrill antique lovers, but of course the Cottage still provides all the present-day features of home.

The Gypsy Wagon Tiny House

The bowed-roof and wagon style trailer give you a hint, as do her exterior colors, but it’s when you get inside the Gypsy Wagon that you truly experience her bohemian personality. She’s eclectic and seductive, charming, but not over-whelming. Our Gypsy Wagon is quite simply, playful.

The Modern Tiny House

Expect the unexpected in this retro-modern escape with a slanted roof, vertical wood siding and metal accents. Dashes of bright orange stand out against the clean lines and cool gray interior, but it’s the see-through seating area suspended over the sleeping area that adds the real drama.

I’m hoping to stay here at some time in the future and if you are interested in doing the same go to the Tiny Digs Hotel website HERE.

All exterior photos except night photo by Kent Griswold. All other photos courtesy of Tiny Digs Hotel.

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