Minivan Conversions with Orange County’s Simple Van Builds

The internet and the socials are full of beautiful, customized van builds that include everything AND the kitchen sink. While these vans are great to look at for both ideas and for future dreams, there is something about keeping a van conversion simple.

Simple Van Builds offers three minivan conversion packages.

Some people may want to live full time in a van or just use it for weekend camping trips. While the Mercedes Sprinter is the epitome of living on the road, the humble minivan is a less expensive alternative. Simple Van Builds is a one-man show in Orange County, California that does just that—simple, but effective van conversions. [WATCH HIS VIDEO TOURS]

Package 1 includes a bed, sink and an emergency bucket toilet.

Sears, the owner of Simple Van Builds converts minivans into livable spaces. He has three different packages to choose from. Each conversion includes a twin bed, electricity and running water, ventilation, refrigeration and cooking options, privacy, storage, and even a basic toilet. His conversions are for people who may be intimidated by building their own beds or cabinets or installing solar or water systems. They are meant to be simple.

The bed comes with a foam mattress and storage underneath.

Package 1 is the Simple Living Package which includes a full-length bed frame with a foam mattress and a hinged top to access storage space underneath. Package 1 also includes a small cabinet with a sink. The sink has a detachable spray faucet connected to a water storage/shower bag that holds up to three gallons of water. Sears also throws in a small bucket to be used for emergency bathroom breaks.

The sink is powered by a portable shower container and a removable faucet.

Package 2 includes all the above plus a 100 watt solar panel and a 300 watt portable lithium power station. The station can run the included 12 volt Dometic refrigerator, LED lights, and it can charge tablets, laptops, and phones. The package also comes with a 9-inch USB fan.

Package 2 and 3 include 100 watt (or more) solar panels and a power station.

Package 3 comes with everything listed above with the addition of three 100 watt solar panels for 300 watts of power. The package also includes a stronger battery, charge controller, inverter, and fuse block. Airflow is increased with a vented exhaust installed in the vehicle ceiling. A Fan-Tastic vent, MaxxAir fan, or Ventline fan can be installed.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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