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September 5, 2019

PodCast – Empowering Women to Learn Construction Project Management with Lee Pera

Lee Pera is an early pioneer in the tiny house movement and she actually helped build the first tiny house community that I ever saw, which was Boneyard Studios in Washington D.C. I wanted to have Lee on the show because she is planning a tour to teach classes in construction project management, and in addition to that, she has a lot of experience building tiny house communities. We’ll talk about why Boneyard Studios ultimately did not succeed, but how it’s all part of her tiny house journey. It’s a really interesting conversation that will teach you and inspire you quite a bit.

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In This Episode:

  • Lee’s decision to build her own tiny house and start a tiny house community
  • How Washington D.C. re-wrote it’s zoning to allow for accessory dwelling units
  • The part that Boneyard Studios played in the start of the tiny house movement
  • Boneyard Studio’s demise and what Lee learned from it
  • Should you plan to move your tiny house often?
  • Why did Lee buy a “big” house and what is NACA?
  • About Kotierra: what it is, what the name means, and who it’s for.
  • The Kotierra tour vehicle and locations
  • Lee’s partnership with the American Tiny House Association
  • What does a modern-day geographer actually do?

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