Why Tiny Homes are Important

Macy Miller is a mother teacher and staunch advocate of living tiny. She designed and built her family’s tiny home in 2011. Her now iconic tiny house has been featured in Time and Dwell magazine.

She’s influenced Tiny House enthusiasts around the world while lobbying for change in the international residential code to allow for tiny living.

Her family recently embraced life off the grid. Nestling their tiny house into the landscape of northern Idaho, where they are thriving on a mountain aptly called Paradise.

Macy says that tiny houses aren’t just good for the individual, they’re good for the community that they live in.

Macy shares why tiny houses are important. If you’re feeling unsure about your choice to go tiny, this interview will help you feel more confident and be a better advocate for yourself and your own lifestyle.

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In This Episode:

  • Overview of the tiny house movement
  • Understanding your reasons for living tiny
  • Why legalization matters
  • Overview of building codes and housing types
  • Benefits of living tiny

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