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Vincent Morales and Tiny Houses for Veterans

Veteran's tiny homes

Ethan enjoys finding out about new ways that tiny homes are being used to help people that are in need and the Veterans Community Project is an incredibly impressive organization that has accomplished that.

In just a few short years they have completed 49 tiny homes on a piece of property that they now own.

Ethan talks with Vincent Morales who has been there since the very beginning. He discusses the organization’s history, what they do, how they settled on tiny houses, and how everything works with the Veterans Community Project.

This is a very inspiring conversation and I know you will enjoy it.

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In This Episode:

  • What does VCP do and who do they serve
  • Using tiny homes as the first step to healing
  • Advantages of a therapeutic space for PTSD
  • How veterans transition out of the tiny house village
  • Why the community doesn’t have a laundry room
  • How can veterans get in touch with VCP?

Links and Resources:

This tiny home community is within city limits

This tiny home community is within city limits

tiny house furniture

When the residents transition they are able to take the furniture with them

Living area of tiny house

Each unit has a straight line of sight through the whole house for the peace of mind of veterans with PTSD

bed in tiny house

Sleep is an important part of therapy and the houses are designed so that the residents can rest safely

Dog picture

Dogs are an important part of therapy

tiny house community

Part of the therapeutic environment is being visually appealing

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Vicki - September 16, 2021 Reply

Love these homes. Also love that they are for the veteran’s. To me, they don’t get what’s owed to them. My husband was a Vietnam Veteran. He passed away 7 years ago from the effects of Agent Orange. He suffered the last 3 years of his life from those complications. So, it’s just me. I would gladly live in one of these homes and be proud of it.

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