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Tiny Homes and Fire Safety

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Tiny homes have long been known for having fire safety problems.

Many tiny homes on wheels don’t have a large enough egress window as an escape and the only way out is through the one door in the home.

Fire safety is one of those things most people don’t think about until after they’ve had a scare of some kind.

In this month’s issue, Tawny McVay goes into what a person needs to consider when building or living in a tiny home when it comes to fire safety.

Why are tiny homes on wheels prone to fires?

The reasons could be reduced space and clearances as well as non-traditional appliances and heat sources. McVay covers how to make a tiny house more fire safe with a little careful planning.

Besides fire, in this issue, we also cover other ways to keep your tiny home safe, stocked, and supplied during other natural disasters.

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A few pages from this month’s issue.

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In this issue


A change of plans

Under Fire

Tiny House Security

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Gloria House - September 17, 2021 Reply

If my community would allow a build of this size,I would sell this big barn of a house and be gone! I love this blog! I love to look at the new stuff! I’m 85 and would love to live in a TINY HOUSE!

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