RV’s too expensive? How about a handmade vardo instead?

A friend recently gave me an example of the crazy prices that RVs are currently going for. A private party sale of a traditional “white box” travel trailer started at around $14,000 and a bidding war bumped up the final price to $40,000.

The Gypsy BLISS Wagons* are far removed from the traditional “white box” RV.

Photos by SimBLISSITY Tiny Homes

The high demand for RVs in 2020 have been keeping the prices of these getaway vehicles consistently high in 2021. If the idea of spending that much money on a manufactured house on wheels makes you queasy maybe it’s time to look into a handmade alternative.

Each wagon is handmade in Colorado by SimBLISSity Tiny Homes.

Dot and Byron of SimBLISSity Tiny Homes on Wheels have been building exquisite homes in Colorado for years. They have scaled down their quality handmade style into lightweight and towable caravans on wheels named Gypsy BLISS Wagons. 

Each wagon has a full bed and vintage style design.

Each of the caravans are made from wood and follow the classic design of the traditional vardo wagon. Three sizes are available. The Vita is 1,300 lb., the Sapphira is 1,700 lb., and the Shimza is 2,400 lb. They range in price from $15,900 to $21,900. Each of the trailers have sofas that convert into beds or a full size bed. The designs also include dropdown tables and cabinetry. Each trailer is wired for both 120v and 12v and also include solar panels.

If you want to try out one of the Gypsy BLISS Wagons first, they are also available for rent. The Vita is $85 per night, the Sapphira is $100 per night, and the Shimza is $115 per night. The rentals include everything you need for a camping trip including a cooler or electric refrigerator.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

* The Tiny House Blog acknowledges that the term “gypsy” can be pejorative and unacceptable to the Romani ethnic group. The SimBLISSity company uses the term for the name of their wagons and any updates on their end will be reflected on this and future posts.

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