Katy Zientek and How to Convert a Shed to a Tiny Home

In this podcast episode, Ethan talks with Katy Zientek on how she and her husband converted an old shed built in the 1980s into a tiny house. The shed is located on her grandparent’s property so that made it convenient.

In the interview, they go through all the basics. Like how they did the floors, what they had to do to the walls, the ceilings, why they chose to add a porch, and all of the details that went into converting a shed into a tiny house.

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In This Episode:

  • How they converted a shed to a tiny home in 9 months
  • What does it take to turn a shed into a house?
  • Sleeping arrangements for a family of four
  • Plan the location of your appliances before you begin your build

Links and Resources:

  • How They Turned Their Shed Into A Tiny Farmhouse Cottage
old shed
The old shed was built in the 1980s
insulation and floors
The existing insulation and original floors were both in great shape
shiplap walls
Katy chose shiplap walls for the farmhouse look
They completed their build in just 9 months
living room
They’re looking for a pullout sofa
Porch under construction
They added a porch
completed tiny house
They’ll turn the tiny farmhouse into an Airbnb when their forever home is finished

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