Tracey Powell’s Modern, Tiny, Blissful Waves on Wheels

Tracey Powell

At first glance, Tracey’s house looks like it just returned in time from an episode of “Back to The Tiny House Future”. Honestly, we have never seen anything like it and her story is just as original as her vision. If your taste leans towards Modern Minimalist and you’re not a fan of all the barn wood encrusted, cabin-like tiny houses you’ve seen, you’ll LOVE the ideas and materials she has incorporated in her ultra-modern tiny house on wheels. External insulation? Yep! TWO breaker boxes? Check! A porch and stairs to dream about? Got it! An Incinolet toilet? It’s in there. Listen in this week while we chat about how her new life is everything she dreamed about while growing up in an RV with her family. Now THERE’s a storyline twist we didn’t expect.

View more photos and cliff notes here.

Tracey's tiny house

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