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10 Tiny Houses for Sale in Alabama

Ready to downsize in the Heart of Dixie? Good, because we have ten wonderful tiny houses for you to consider in the Yellowhammer State.

10. The Woodlover’s Dream THOW


Price: $24,500
Square Footage: 128
Location: Pinson


Trimmed inside and outside with beautifully finished cedar, this tiny house on wheels is perfect for anyone who loves the smooth, natural aesthetic of wood. You’ll have an outdoor shower, along with the typical RV-style hookups you would expect, along with several built-in furniture features.

9. The Itty Bitty Plantation Home


Price: $7,500
Square Footage: 500
Location: Opelika


Simple and straight-forward, this traditionally built little home comes with a columned porch, and a lovely hand-painted mural on the inside. How cool is that?

8. The Mini Mini


Price: $11,000
Square Footage: 200
Location: Alexander City


If you’re looking for a standard style home, just a little smaller than the typical suburban mansion, then this mini cottage could be perfect for you. It’s fairly new, custom built by the seller to include central air and many of standard attributes. The home will need to be transported to your location of choice.

7. 11 Acres of Bama Backwoods


Price: $35,900
Square Footage: 192
Location: Troy


What could be better than a private hunting lodge in the wooded heartland of the American south? This home is a work in progress, ideal for a buyer with some construction experience. Without much effort, the house could be connected to electricity and water, but you’ll have propane fueled appliances to get you by in the meantime. The spot doesn’t currently have a sceptic system installed, but that won’t be a problem if you decide to work smart instead of hard, with a composting system.

6. The Cozy Cottage on Wheels


Price: $12,000
Square Footage: 124
Location: Centerpoint

Mostly finished, and designed with space-saving features in mind such as a hideaway mattress storage spot under the kitchen floor, you’ll have lots of beautiful features like butcher block countertops, bookshelves and stainless steel sink. If you double the purchase price, a refrigerator and water pump system could be included.

5. The Fox Creek Homestead


Price: $24,900
Square Footage: 382
Location: Fox Creek


Fully furnished, and well-coordinated in complimentary red and green, this tiny home includes all the modern conveniences. The purchase price even includes a 17’ motor boat! The price of the land lease is a mere $1,500 – comparable to or less than the property taxes you might expect to pay for a foundation style home in many parts of the country.

4. The Rustic Vacation Cabin on Wheels


Price: $29,500
Square Footage: 400
Location: Bear Creek


Outfitted with customary RV fittings and appliances, this THOW combines the rustic charm of a woodland cabin with the high tech appeal of an electric fireplace, stainless steel kitchen gear and central air. You’ll even have your own private, screened-in porch to watch the world go by on.

3. The Solar Special THOW


Price: $57,500
Square Footage: 265
Location: Northport


Designed to by completely energy independent, this solar powered RV will meet all of your electricity needs in an eco-friendly way. Heating and cooking is done with the aid of propane. It’s well insulated, and has been outfitted with lots of Energy Star rated details, including the windows and lighting, further reducing your carbon footprint on the highways and byways of your next adventure.

2. Freedom on Wheels


Price: $24,500
Square Footage: 200
Location: Birmingham


Grab this bargain while you can! The seller is offering this lovely little THOW at the cost of construction. Loaded with features, both high-tech and low-tech, this RV is designed for someone who wants to live the tiny house lifestyle in style on the open road. An efficient design and snazzy aesthetic is sure to impress your friends.

1. The Hardwood Custom THOW


Price: $60,000 OBO
Square Footage: 260
Location: Birmingham


Anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship in hardwoods like black walnut, rosewood and cedar will appreciate this gorgeous small mobile home. It comes fully equipped with all of the appliances you need for a modern lifestyle, and lots of cool design elements like storage drawers beneath each stair tread.



Didn’t find the tiny house of your dreams? Don’t fret, because there are more than 100 small homes available for sale in Alabama at Tiny House Listings, along with thousands more all across the country.



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Wanda West - September 5, 2016 Reply

Am interested in finding a tiny home for sale in Asheville, NC . Need to be close to stores & other amenities. Am a senior! Have 2 cats! Any info would be appreciated!! Where to put it? Tiny house community would be good!! 400 SF would be nice!
Need heat & AC. Thanks!!

    Pam - February 3, 2018 Reply

    Hi Wanda, I don’t have a tiny house for sale … but, I’m interested to find out if you found a tiny house. I too, am a senior with 2 cats looking for a community of like minded people. Hope to hear from you!

10 Tiny Houses for Sale in Alabama - About The Valley - September 6, 2016 Reply

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Sondrilla Lee - March 23, 2020 Reply

I am looking for a tiny house

Beth Payne - March 7, 2021 Reply

I am looking for someone who will move/ transport an exsisitng cabin. It is on skids and is about 15’x14x 14 high. Desperately need someone soon.

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