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Sarah Burch and what’s Bicycle Touring Got to do with Living Tiny?

In this week’s podcast, Ethan chats with Sarah Burch. Sarah is a bicycle touring professional and also a tiny house enthusiast who got in touch with Ethan nearly 10 years ago when she was looking for people interested in both bicycle touring and tiny houses.

Sarah discusses the similarities and shares her story of how she fell in love with bicycle touring and how it goes so well with tiny house living.

Ethan also shares how he also got involved in bicycle touring and how it led to tiny house living for him as well.

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In This Episode:

  • The various forms of bicycle touring
  • Are your things bogging you down?
  • Why Sarah chose not to build her tiny house and what she did instead
  • Tiny living can take many forms
  • Voluntary simplicity and living a life in reverse
  • Lessons learned about creativity, the DIY spirit, and realizing what you need

Links and Resources:

Sarah has some solar panels on top of her van

The bikes are on a slide-out tray in the garage

A place to put pictures of her travels is a must-have

A smaller closet means you have to be conscientious about what you put in it

This tabletop slides out for use as a table or desk

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