Enchanting Geodesic Dome Home

Have you wondered how a geodesic dome home works? A geodesic dome, aka geodome, is a sphere-like structure composed of a complex network of triangular pieces creating a self-balancing structural framework. Additionally, a dome home is a dwelling with standard features and amenities like any house, except it’s a partial sphere shape.

A geodesic dome encloses more volume with less surface area. Consequently, it uses about 30% fewer building materials, doing more with less—a concept dear to the tiny house movement. In a rounded home, airflow provides natural circulation. Air travels efficiently around the space instead of bouncing off walls. Importantly, this helps keep energy consumption at a minimum.

But it’s a geodome’s open round living environment that makes it feel so enchanting. High ceilings with skylights contribute to this feeling. However, interior design can be a huge challenge because of the inherent lack of flat walls and right angles. Fortunately, these can be added with carefully planned interior walls.

Dome Sweet Geodome

Airbnb Superhosts Denise and Mike created a magical geodesic dome experience in Bend, Oregon. It combines the serenity of a treehouse with the comfort of an organic-shaped dome. It’s proven to be a bucket list stay, bringing joy to the guests and hosts alike.

geodesic dome home

As an architect, Mike truly enjoyed the challenge of renovating the 700-square foot geodesic dome cabin, which was originally built back in 1970. It’s just too cool not to share!

Mike and Denise’s geodesic dome home features a second story, which maximizes space efficiency. Further, it utilizes a floating floor system because the self-supporting house frame doesn’t have the structural integrity to support it. The space created around the second-story floor helps to maintain air circulation around the entire home.

Being inside their Dome Sweet Dome is like being a cozy yet surprisingly spacious sanctuary. Large triangular-shaped windows offer incredible views from a 30-foot high vantage point because the dome is built into a hillside overlooking their wooded property. Additionally, the combination of ample insulation and interior canvas walls makes the space incredibly quiet.

Book Denise and Mike’s Dome Sweet Dome here.

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