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HONOMOBO Modular Backyard Homes and Offices

From California to Canada, a home design company is bringing modern minimalism to modular homes. These homes are not only made for traditional housing, but the company also offers their designs for tiny, efficient dwellings that can be tucked into a backyard.

HONOMOBO buildings are ready to be crane-lifted into a backyard.

HONOMOBO homes are factory built and constructed with rigid steel or shipping containers. Each home comes with a fixed floor plan and a variety of finishes and upgrades. HONOMOBO’s concept with this is to create homes that suit many buyers, but won’t slow down the factory work because of too many customizations.

Each dwelling is designed for maximum efficiency and space.

Each home is made with both space and energy efficiency in mind. The materials are all high quality, but simple in design. Large windows and sliders let in light and rooms are strategically placed for maximum use.

The HO1 design is made from shipping containers.

The smallest of HONOMOBO’s designs are the HO1, the HO2, and the M1.These homes range from 160 to 640 square feet and range in price from $69,000 to around $195,000.

Multiple HONOMOBO modules can be placed together.

The HO1 is made from a 20 foot long shipping container. It can be used as a small home, studio, office, gym, or income property. The HO2 comes in two models. A one bedroom, one bath model or a two bedroom, one bath model. The HO2 features a kitchen/living area with room for a fireplace. There is also a laundry area near the bathroom.

The dwellings all include walls of glass and plenty of storage.

The M1 design is a perfect little house at only 419 square feet. It features a living and dining space with an efficiency kitchen, a full bathroom, and a main floor bedroom. Because it’s a modular building, it can be installed on a foundation quickly with everything included.

The MOBO is a 96 square foot portable office.

HONOMOBO delivers from their San Francisco location to the United States and Canada. If you want to go even smaller than the models shown above, check out the HONOMOBAR portable bar and the MOBO portable office.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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