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Matt Paxton and the Bumpy Road to Minimalism

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Matt Paxton is one of the top downsizing and decluttering experts in the country. He is the host of the 2-time Emmy nominated series Legacy List with Matt Paxton on PBS and was a featured cleaner on the hit television show HOARDERS for 15 seasons.

Matt is also the author of the best-selling book, Keep the Memories, Lose the Stuff. Paxton started cleaning out houses after his father, step-father and both grandfathers died in the same year and this is the reason Matt has been working with families struggling with hoarding and downsizing for 20 years.

Matt Paxton

Matt appears regularly as a public speaker, television guest, and radio personality helping families and companies find the upside of downsizing. He lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife and 7 kids. Yes, 7 children.

What really happens when you commit to a minimalist lifestyle? Matt Paxton has a uniquely interesting minimalist lifestyle with his wife and 7 children. Matt uses his fantastic storytelling skills to talk about the effects of minimalism on a family, how to continue being minimalist, and the effects of minimalism on the rest of your life.

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In This Episode:

  • Minimalism and parenting
  • Tiny living for a large family
  • When it’s too difficult to part with things
  • How to try minimalism before committing
  • The psychology behind hoarding
  • How minimalism can affect relationships

Links and Resources:

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