Housing Freedom Restoration

James Herman of Hillsboro, Ohio contacted me and wanted to share his experience below. I really thought this was helpful so here is Jame’s story.

I have been an advocate for a free and fair housing market ever since I retired and realized what a blessing it is to have your housing freedom restored. I moved my single-wide out of a mobile home park near Detroit where I had been living for 18 years. I relocated it to a quarter-acre residential lot about 55 miles NE of Cincinnati. The homeowner’s association here was finally ended. I’ve seen some travel trailers and some motorhomes come in since then. It gives me such peace of mind to know that if anything ever happens to my single-wide, then all housing options are on the table.

I was paying enough in lot rent every two years to just pay for that small lot. The lot rent increased just over 5 %/year over the 18 years that I lived there. The lot rent has got to be at least $5000/year by now. In 2021 my property tax bill for the year was $103.98. It was $705/year when I first moved here but I got a homestead property tax credit when I hit 65.

My quarter-acre residential lot about 55 miles NE of Cincinnati cost $12,500. It cost just under $10,000 to move and place my 14 x 52-foot single-wide on this lot. America needs to end the love affair with exclusionary zoning. Congress could introduce and pass what I am calling ‘The Housing Freedom Restoration Act’. IT simply says as long as a home is not a threat to anyone’s health or safety, then any restriction against that home is null and void.

To learn more you can follow James on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/james.herman.505

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