Tiny House Magazine 10 Year Issue

After 120 issues in the last decade, I want to make sure we are still providing the type of publication you want and deserve. We want to give you content that makes a difference in your tiny house journey.

One of our concerns is how the magazine is delivered. Should we continue with the Tiny House Magazine App and the PDF version? Is there a better format? Would a flip magazine in a membership site be better? Would you prefer to get the month’s articles emailed to you one at a time a couple of times a week?

We are all bombarded with so much information these days. Is the current magazine too long and you never get through it?

Would you be more likely to subscribe if there were more pricing options? For example annual, quarterly, or monthly?

Would you like to receive text messages about new issues, special sales, and minimal updates regarding Tiny House Magazine?

Do you have other ideas to improve future issues? Please comment below with your suggestions.

Here are some pics from this month’s issue.

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Tiny House Magazine Issue 120 cover

Issue 120 index

Tiny house gift ideas

tiny house perception

micro village

Holiday tinies

Scene and Seen

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