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December 30, 2020

Jon and Melissa Block and the Ups and Downs of Managing a Tiny House Community

This week Ethan Waldman chats with Melissa and Jon Block, the sister-brother team behind San Diego’s first-ever tiny house village called Tiny House Block.

Melissa and Jon share their story about what it took to go from a couple of backyard tiny homes to a dedicated piece of land with 25 tiny houses.

The majority of their homes are long term rentals. They’ve had to figure out how to manage a community. Dealing with difficult tenants, neighbor disputes, and much more.

Listen and learn lots more.

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In This Episode:

  • How (and why) they turned an RV park into a tiny house community
  • Coming together: how the 4 Values help Tiny House Block residents care for one another
  • Permanent residents or part-timers only?
  • How to skip the drama with tenants
  • The effect of a pandemic on a tiny house village
  • How does a chef work from home?
  • Can you bring your own tiny home or buy one that’s already there?
  • How to responsibly host a festival during COVID
  • Appealing to Airbnb or long-term residents? These details matter.

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