From DIY Van to a DIY Cabin in Woods

For anyone who dreams of moving into a tiny cabin in the woods, but feels they can’t do it without a sudden inheritance, should watch the YouTube videos by Hannah Lee Duggan.

Content creator Hannah Lee Duggan recently purchased two cabins on 15 wooded acres.

Screenshots and photos by Hannah Lee Dugan

Hannah, a former model, content creator, and online clothing shop owner lived for several years out of a converted Ford Econoline van. In the van she explored the U.S. while documenting her travels on YouTube.

She lived for several years in a converted Ford Econoline.

Recently she pushed pause on van life and purchased not one, but two tiny cabins in the woods of Minnesota. The two cabins (tucked into 15 acres) were seasonal vacation homes and not used for full-time living, but that is not stopping Hannah.

One cabin will be her home; one cabin will be her workshop and guest house.

She is in the process of turning one cabin into a cozy, cottagecore-y, home full of plants. The second cabin she plans to turn into a studio/workroom and guest space. The main cabin contains a tiny kitchen, shower room, living area, porch and a loft bedroom. The toilet is located in a backyard outhouse.

She is in the process of adding insulation and other creature comforts to her main cabin.

Hannah attacks each of her projects with gusty and some experience from converting her van. Along the way she makes mistakes, but shares them openly with her 374,000 YouTube subscribers and her nearly 100,000 Instagram subscribers.

Hannah’s adventures are documented on her YouTube channel and Instagram page.

In her initial cabin video she mentions that she purchased the property with a $11,700 down payment and her monthly loan payments are $370. Hannah proves that by thinking outside of the suburban box and having a sense of adventure can get anyone closer to their own cabin in the woods.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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