5 Tiny Houses that Scream Cottagecore

The term “cottagecore” may not be familiar with anyone hovering in the Baby Boomer or GenX categories, but for many 20-somethings it’s a lifestyle to strive for. Similar to farmcore, fairycore, and grandmacore, cottagecore is an aesthetic community that takes its name from the 1980s hardcore punk scene term. The word has flourished this year as people are forced to stay at home and seek a more serene life.

Cottagecore is an internet-age aesthetic that seeks to bring back simpler times.

Cottagecore is a nostalgia lifestyle and aesthetic that eschews many modern conveniences. It embraces simple, slower living with a cottage or rose-covered twist. In a cottagecore life there is bread to bake, eggs to collect from the chickens, and whitewashed floors to sweep in a whimsical cottage at the edge of a forest. The funny thing is, while phones and other devices are not very cottagecore-y, the lifestyle is primarily promoted online via Instagram and TikTok.

The term describes a lifestyle based on farming and foraging.

If the cottagecore lifestyle is on your radar, there are tiny houses out there that fit the bill. These five tiny homes embody the cottagecore lifestyle and just need to be placed into a rose garden or in a village meadow.

1. Ynez by Timbercraft

The traditional look of Timbercraft Tiny Homes’ Ynez house on wheels definitely screams cottagecore. This design comes in 2o-foot and 22-foot lengths complete with a tiny deck. Timbercraft homes are handcrafted with exquisite details such as farmhouse cabinets and sinks. Classic shiplap walls and contemporary LP Smart Side siding and trim mix up old and new.

2. Woolywagon

Designed by craftsman, Steve Auth, a Woolywagon adds a bit of wanderlust to cottagecore. Woolywagons are rustic vardos and sheep wagons with modern conveniences like solar panels and steel framing. The wagons come in several different designs and can be used for camping or as small guest houses.

3. Bayside Bungalow

If you want to try out the cottagecore lifestyle first, book a night at the Bayside Bungalow in the Puget Sound area. Built by Brittany Yunker Carlson, her little bungalow is the epitome of the cottage in the forest.

4. Serenity Log Cabin by Conestoga

Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes has been building log cabin kits since 1983, so they know a few things about tiny houses. Their Serenity Log Cabin is one of their smallest designs at 280 square feet. It has cottage details, a covered porch, and a main floor bedroom and bath.

5. Hobbitat Homes

Any one of the plans or designs from Hobbitat Spaces would fill the cottagecore description. This tiny house company in Maryland creates small structures that inspire living close to nature, but with all of today’s tech. Their “hobs” range in size from 225 square feet to 1,200 square feet and each can be customized per the owner.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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