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Tiny House Hobbies: 7 Things You Can Do in Small Spaces

So, you’ve got your tiny house all set up. You’ve installed your solar panels and tankless water heater, set up your bedroom loft, and sneakily stored your firewood for the cold winter months ahead.

Now that you’ve got a great space, it’s time to live in it. The only question is, what are you going to do to pass the time? Sure, there are obvious things like sleeping, eating, working, and cleaning. But what do you have planned for your downtime?

Managing your hobbies can be a bit of a challenge when you’re working with minimal space. Here are a few suggestions to help you chart a course for how to spend your tiny house free time.

Set the Stage

Before you start listing off specific activities, it’s important to set the stage. Facilitating your hobbies is particularly important when you don’t have hundreds of extra square feet of living space to work with. Here are two essential questions to ask yourself:

What Kind of Activities Are You Interested In?

Before you select a tiny house hobby or two, it’s wise to gauge your natural interests.

Are you a Hygge fanatic who loves to snuggle up on the couch with a good book or your favorite television show? Do you have a passion for automobiles and related DIY activities like changing spark plugs and brake pads? Are you an avid outdoorsman that loves to go out hunting or fishing before the crack of dawn?

Take some time to think through what kind of activities spark your interest the most.

Can You Set Up Dedicated Storage Spaces?

As you consider what activities you enjoy, mull over how you can set your space up to accommodate them. Don’t rule things out simply because they require gear or storage space.

For instance, if you love to snowboard or ski, consider investing in a locker or two to tuck away in the corner. This can provide a trendy and contained storage space to keep all of your winter gear. If you love board games, you may be able to add a gaming shelf or some cabinets under the stairs, as well.

You already live in a tiny house, so there’s no doubt that you’re willing to get creative about your living spaces. Don’t be afraid to apply that creativity when it comes to accommodating your hobbies, as well.

Ideal Hobbies for Tiny Houses

There is no end to the number of hobbies out there. With that said, use the following list as a creative jumping-off point. Find a hobby or two that spark your interest and then either try them out or tailor them to your passions.

  • Reading: Reading books is a hobby as old as civilization itself. If you’re going to become an avid reader, though, consider using an e-reader to avoid the need to store books.
  • Metal detecting: Metal detecting is another classic pastime — and most metal detectors take up minimal space, too. From learning about biology and geology to brushing up on your electronics knowledge, this one is great for those who love to spend a slow-yet-engaging time outdoors regularly.
  • Board games: Gaming is a great way to pass the time. Board games, in particular, run the gamut from relaxing party games to overtly challenging competitions. Look for a local gaming store where you can get new games and trade in old ones so that your collection remains lean and mean at all times.
  • Hiking and camping: When you’re living in such a small space, regularly spending time outdoors can be a great hobby to shake up your surroundings. Just make sure to set up some extra storage to keep your gear out of the way when you’re not on a trip.
  • Textile production: From sewing to crocheting and knitting, there are numerous ways that you can create clothing for you and your loved ones — all with little more than a ball of yarn, a spool of thread, or possibly a table-mounted sewing machine.
  • Music: Sure, a baby grand piano isn’t going to fit in your space, but numerous instruments make for great space-saving hobbies. From hanging a guitar on the wall to keeping a flute case under the couch, it isn’t difficult to pursue music from your tiny home.
  • Electronic gaming: Finally, there are electronic games. From game consoles to desktop computers, electronics provide a gateway to a massive gaming world that requires very little local space.

Keeping Busy in Your Tiny House

There are countless ways to fill your free time, even in a tiny home. The important thing is that you approach your tiny home hobbies with an innovative and resourceful mindset. From considering your inherent interests to setting up thoughtful storage options and then choosing hobbies that lend themselves to a minimalistic lifestyle, if you go about your hobbies constructively, you can end up happy and fulfilled, no matter how much space you have to work with.

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