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Isabelle Nagel-Brice and High Performance Building Materials

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Ethan discusses with returning guest, Isabell Nagel-Brice about figuring out what you need for a tiny house.

Isabell has been working with 475 Building Supply, a company that sells high-performance building materials.

In this episode we Ethan and Isabell discuss which materials will help your house breathe properly, ventilate well, prevent mold.

Isabell shares various products and explains what exactly they do to make your tiny house a healthy tiny house.

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In This Episode:

  • What is Intello Plus and when is it applicable?
  • Why is the Solitex Mento 1000 great for outdoor builds?
  • How an air exchange system works
  • Thermal bridging and condensation issues
  • Cold climate? This is how to build your floor
  • Spray foam vs vapor-open insulation
  • How much building science should you know before moving into a tiny house?
  • Lessons learned from 5 years of tiny living
  • Why these tiny house trends may not work for you

Links and Resources:

Tiny House in the woods

Isabelle moved from Bend, OR to tiny-house-friendly Portland, OR

tiny house workstation

Isabelle has a cozy workstation and sitting area

honey jars

Isabelle’s bees provide plenty of fresh honey

Bee hive

She insulates the hives in wintertime

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