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Couple’s Totally Off-Grid Tiny House Homestead

Clara and Edwin live on a lovely off-grid tiny house homestead in their gorgeous self-built home on wheels in Northern California. Their tiny journey began with a desire to live in the woods to pursue an alternative lifestyle as close to nature as possible. Importantly, embracing a rustic lifestyle in the mountains is a dream come true for this hard-working young couple who loves being outdoors for wild adventures, like rock climbing and bungee jumping.

They spent three years helping family friends rebuild their timber frame cabin homestead, previously devasted by a wildfire. During that time, Clara and Edwin learned how to work together as a team, mill trees, and all about timber frame construction. Helping their friends also led them to acquire a heavenly tiny house parking spot on 20 acres in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Now, they are building an incredible off-grid tiny house homestead with much sweat equity and respect for the environment. Importantly, they are learning a lot about doing it right while developing a deep appreciation of their minimal resource consumption.

“The opportunity just came about that there’s this property that has a meadow, has a forest, and here’s a flat spot for your tiny house. And we’re like sweet! No sewer, no septic, no water, no electricity, and here we are.

We had to figure out systems on the fly; we wanted to move in right away. So we were just kind of piecing together all the amnenites we would need to be comfortable. Our systems are not ideal, they’re not perferct. If we had more money, we’d put in more solar. But they work; they’re functional, and it’s just kind of a lifestyle now.

“So what I would want people to know about living off-grid is that it’s not easy to supplement your power. Power is a big thing that we don’t realize how much we consume, especially things like an induction cooktop.

We tap into our solar batteries a lot, so we’ve actually depleted them to point where its kind of hard to bring them back now. We’ll have  to get a new set.

Learning more about how to consume off-grid power, and how to set it up before you start using it, and just being realistic about your needs too. It’s a learning curve for sure.

-Clara, Tiny Home Wild Adventures

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