Hurricanes, Floods, Fires, and Tipped Tiny Houses with Martin Burlingame

This week’s episode is, we guarantee, the MOST fun you’ll ever have listening to a conversation about insurance. Seriously! Even we were surprised to learn that our guest this week, Martin Burlingame, not only takes the subject of tiny house insurance VERY seriously but approaches his job with humor and wit that is no-doubt unsurpassed in his predictably-dry industry. Setting aside the less-than-formal format, for this week’s episode Michelle came armed with so…many…questions. How much does it cost to insure a tiny house? Does tiny house insurance include coverage when it’s being moved? How difficult is it to get insurance for a tiny house that was not built by a professional? What states in the US have readily available insurance for the tiny house masses, and more importantly, what states are still lacking? Do build pictures hurt, or help, your chances of getting tiny house insurance? What happened to all of the tiny houses in Texas and Florida that were recently hit by hurricanes? If you don’t know, listen in this week to the most entertaining “research” you’ll do all week. We promise!

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