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It is asked multiple times a week. Where can I park my tiny house? Inevitably the response ranges from private land in the country to RV parks in more populated areas. Sometimes the option of renting a space in a backyard or driveway is thrown out as well. Truth is, there are places across the United States that are catering just to the growing tiny house population. They have sprung up in an area with progressive lawmakers or risen like a phoenix, from the ashes of a former RV park. Whatever the case, there really are tiny house communities throughout the United States that are doing their part to reshape the American landscape, while giving you a great place to live! 


Several years ago the tiny house community was abuzz with the idea that Spur, TX had become the first town in America to legally allow tiny houses. They remain tiny house friendly too! The exchange is that Spur is a bit removed, being about 75 miles from Lubbock, the closest city. It is a perfect spot though if you’re wanting out of the city or the suburbs and instead want to enjoy the open prairies of central Texas.

Because of its size and proximity, it isn’t a place ripe with employment or industrial opportunity. However, the real estate is cheap nonetheless and the cost of living is about 30% less than the national average.

Note, there is a but though. Yurts and “natural” homes built with materials like straw, mud or clay, are not permitted. And no matter how small, all dwellings are required to have their wheels removed and be placed on an approved foundation as well as have a flush toilet hooked up to local utilities. 


Orlando Lakefront at College Park found its roots in an old 1950’s RV park. Restored to current code, the park welcomes tiny housers to park legally and enjoy the tiny life lakefront. Each site has full hook-ups and a glorious view of the lake for true Florida living. It is also just minutes from the Orlando tourist area. As of today, there are 13 tiny houses calling the restored R.V. park home. The park maintains room for up to 40 more! Monthly rates range from $350 to $550 per month.


The land of 10,000 lakes is also the land of peace and tranquility and Bill and Brenda Campbell have a spot of it for tiny housers at The Sanctuary Minnesota Village. The village is a holistic, serene location, setback in the woods, for adults only. With a six-month minimum lease, residents are welcome to bring their own tiny house. Don’t own one? The Sanctuary has a village of houses available for rent so you can get started living tiny today! Each site has a 15-amp electrical hookup and while there is no septic or running water to the sites, current residents use water containment systems and composting toilets, or use the facilities at The Sanctuary community house.


Preparing to start Phase 2, LuxTiny, located in the White Mountains of Arizona, believes that downsizing isn’t synonymous with drudgery. With 45 prepared, landscaped, and generously sized sites, onsite lease rates begin at just $329/month, which includes water, sewer, and trash! Because LuxTiny is also a custom home builder specializing in small, luxury homes, dreamhouses of all sorts can be purchased for the community at a price point of $65,000 and up. Soon the community will also have a large walking path and community garden that will span the entire 6-acre community length providing a getaway within the already gorgeous landscape!


More often than not the same people attracted to tiny home living are the people attracted by the lure of the outdoors. And what better spot than Sequoia National Park? With hiking, caving, climbing, and hiking, all around, it seems an obvious choice to live at Lemon Cove Village in Lemon Cove, California.

A tiny house friendly RV community, Lemon Cover allows you to park, build, or pass through their spot in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Sites range from $450 – $595 a month including utilities. If you are building and your home is under construction a rent discount will be extended to you. Perhaps most inviting is that the village also has a few tiny houses for sale and is welcoming to vintage trailers as well. The entire community is walkable with features such as a dog park, community garden, and laundromat!

How do these communities look to you? Did we miss any you think are a great living option? Let us know in the comments below!

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we are interested in a tiny house of at least 500 sq ft., preferably in Central FLorida in a wooded or lakefront area

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