How-To Guide (Video): Towing a Tiny House on Wheels

The beauty of a movable tiny house is the flexibility it provides its owner. It can be a comfy ticket to adventure or mobile asset, perfect for significant life changes, like getting a new job in a different state. Whether you plan on taking your tiny house on a road trip or just a one-time move, you need to be prepared to tow it safely.

Christian and I have now towed our home 40,000 miles across North America. We are perhaps the world’s most traveled tiny house and have learned much about how to do it confidently and most importantly, safely. From our humble experience, we are sharing the below videos with our top tips, suggestions and sage advice to keep you, your tiny home and everyone on the road safe.

These how-to guides apply to DIY tiny house towing with either a heavy-duty pick-up truck or a box truck. Our tow vehicle of choice is a 20′ U-Haul truck, which can handle tiny houses that are 10,000 lbs or less (built on bumper pull trailers).

For more great towing tools and guidance, see Andrew Odom’s posts on Safe Towing of Your Tiny House, Part 1 and Part 2.

#1 What you need to know before you tow—important considerations, travel prep, maintenance, hooking up to the truck and more:

#2 Hitting the road with your tiny house— safe towing techniques for highways, side streets and fuel stops:

Bonus—How-to install a brake controller system in a U-Haul truck:

Do you have questions or tiny house towing experiences to share? Please comment below.

-Alexis Stephens, Tiny House Blog Contributor

My partner, Christian and I are traveling tiny house dwellers. Together we’ve been on the road two years for our documentary and community outreach project, Tiny House Expedition. We live, breathe, dream the tiny home community every day. This is our life and our true passion project. We are very grateful to be able to experience this inspiring movement in such an intimate way and to be able to share our exploration with all of you.


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