How to Legalize Tiny Houses in Your City through Advocacy with Will Johnston

Today’s show is all about why advocacy is so important, and how to do it.

Will Johnston is a thought leader and innovator in the micro-living world. Over the past four years, his organization has enabled policy change and brought acceptance of microstructures in the Southeast through events, projects, and advocacy. His philosophy is allowing people to think outside the box by putting them in one.

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David n Abby Taylor - January 19, 2019 Reply

Would like to know where in SC there are tiny house legal communities. This need not be a secret but published so we all know where they are for our travels and stops regardless of how long the stop. Requesting that rules for residence and guests of SC be made public.

Cynthia - January 24, 2019 Reply

I live in Arizona. I do not want to live in a tiny house community. I would like to find an acre or some type of land to put tiny homes on for my family. It’s my understanding in Arizona it’s not allowed. How do you find out how to change the laws?

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