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Ethan interview I Always Wanted to Build a Tiny House

Ethan's tiny house

In a switch today on Ethan’s podcast, Ethan is interviewed by Liz Summer who produces the I Always Wanted to Podcast.

Ethan discusses his tiny house journey and the benefits of living tiny. He also discusses the problem that is still an issue. Tiny house parking and ways to deal with it.

In the discussion Ethan talks of how to move a tiny house and are tiny houses really cheaper than traditional homes?

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In This Episode:

  • Ethan’s tiny house journey
  • What are the benefits of living tiny?
  • Parking is still difficult… but it’s getting better!
  • Tips for moving a tiny house
  • Are tiny houses really cheaper than traditional houses?

Links and Resources:


tiny house framed

The tiny house all framed

Ethan playing guitar

Ask yourself why you want to live tiny

tiny house kitchen

Ethan likes to cook so he made sure he had a kitchen that was perfect for a home chef

tiny house loft

Who needs an alarm clock with all this natural light?

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