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Campervans as Tiny Homes

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I noticed a common thread in this month’s issue of the Tiny House Magazine.: the popularity of campervans.

From tiny minivan conversions all the way up to a fancy ambulance conversion. Vans are very popular and fairly easy to convert into a tiny living space.

Vans have an attraction for many people and I enjoyed owning a van conversion myself for over 10 years. It even included a tiny bathroom and a king-size bed.

A van has the ability to drive and park with ease. They can be somewhat stealthy and are able to park and camp almost anywhere. They are somewhat economical. A van has a small footprint that can be easily converted to a living space, minimally or with luxuries.

The DIY van can be very affordable. However, the prebuilt luxury vans can be extremely expensive. However, both offer the freedom of the open road and the ability to move on to new experiences when you are ready.

Would you live in a campervan?

Inside this issue you will find:

  • Modal is a Small Prefab to Rent Out or Dwell in Your Yard
  • 50 Shades of White – Make Your Tiny House Sexier with a Coat Of Paint
  • A Simple Change of Space
  • A Room To Write
  • On The Cover – Maverick Tiny Homes
  • The Sports Life – Living the campervan lifestyle
  • Eye Candy – Tiny Home Connection
  • Minivan Makeover – Three camper kits for the traditional family van
  • To Declutter Faster, Identify What You Need
  • Flashback Article – Minimalist Living For A Maximum Life
  • A Leave-no-Trace Death for the Earth
  • Ants and Fleas and Combs, Oh My!
  • Seen and Scene – The People’s Tiny House Festival
  • Living the Glam Life in an Ambulance Conversion
  • The Last Call with Chris Strathy

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A few pages in this month’s issue.


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