Changes On The Road with Macy Miller And Family

Who on earth goes from a tiny house in Idaho to a nationwide road trip in a tiny travel trailer? Uh, that would be Macy Miller! We caught up with her and her family on a nationwide national park junket to talk about their newest digs, which they rebuilt from the frame up, their road trip and one of the nicest jurisdiction violation conversations we’ve ever heard. Here’s what you get when you pair two architects, two kids, a great dane and a road trip with no definite end: a pack of stories to last a lifetime.

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Sell My House Fast Idaho - July 5, 2018 Reply

I think downsizing and moving into a tiny home will be far more common in the future. Congrats to this fine family.

Anita - July 6, 2018 Reply

And they even have a horse with them!

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