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Model One Shipping Container Tiny House Plans

Imagine waking up to the glow of the sun streaming in through your large sliding doors, looking out onto your favorite landscape. You’ve just had the best night of sleep in your life (in fact, ever since you built your Model One, you’ve been sleeping so much more peacefully) and you look around at your surroundings to take it all in.

Reclaimed wood creates a cozy and homey feeling in your shipping container home, and surrounds you like a big hug. You get up and make your way over to your deluxe (yet perfectly proportioned) kitchen to start up your favorite cup of coffee on your stovetop. As you do, you turn on the rainshower in your bathroom to officially begin your day. You can’t help but notice the beauty of the tile and the perfect layout of the bathroom, kitchen and sleeping area and how it all flows together so naturally – in almost the exact order you need each of these aspects in.

After your refreshing shower, you take your cup of coffee and the Love of your Life (who is now stirring from sleep) and go up to your rooftop deck where you sip your coffee, discuss the plans for your day and then meditate overlooking your land. You feel so safe here, so protected and so proud of the life you’ve now created – a life that is sustainable and beautiful.

The Model One tiny house is the leading edge in modern, luxurious shipping container conversion design. You can maximize space and connection time with those you love on the deluxe rooftop deck, set up the main space however you’d like for optimal efficiency (we recommend a Murphy bed for ease), and be kind to the earth with sustainable, modern appliances, and reclaimed wood.

Model One shipping container conversion is virtually indestructible from wind/storms/earthquakes, etc. and is the perfect “tiny” home for living a sustainable and modern life. Featured in Digital Trends, New Atlas, TreeHugger, Containerly, and The Oregonian – Modern Dwellings is the premier shipping container conversion home.

At 23’10” x 8′ x 8’6″ and 192 square feet this tiny house will fit just about anywhere you would want it. It could be a stand-alone home, an ADU, or an Airbnb. With a DIY build price of around $20,000 just about anyone can afford to build it.

Learn more and get the plans here.

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