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Shipping Container Home 3 Myths

I’m a big fan of shipping container homes as an alternative for affordable homes. Especially if you do all the work yourself. I’ve featured several over the years. Here are a couple of my favorites.  The Model One, a couple’s 40-foot container home, and my current favorite the off-grid Gaia.

I’ve recently discovered another company that is putting out some excellent videos and also sells their own version of a tiny house, ADU, Airbnb, office, or pool. This company is called Alternative Living Spaces located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tony Lopez the founder and CEO of this company in the video below goes through the 3 most common myths about container homes.

The 3 myth’s are:

  1. Shipping Container Homes are Cheap to Build
  2. Shipping Container Homes are Easy to Build
  3. Shipping Container Homes are Quick to Build


To follow more educational videos go to Alternative Living Spaces Youtube Channel and subscribe.

Photos by Alternative Living Spaces.

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