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September 18, 2019

Tiny Houses and Kids – Tiny House Magazine Issue 81

Moving into a tiny house is difficult enough for adults but what about children?

The Harris family recently made this change and moved into a sailboat full time with three children.

For the kids, leaving their friends in the suburbs was hard. Adjusting to homeschooling was also a challenge. However, with long term plans to travel the seas, the children are bound to meet new friends and learn many new things. They are enjoying it and moving forward.

Along these same lines is a new book by Becky Flansburg and BA Norrgard and illustrated by Penny Weber titled Sissy Goes Tiny.

“Eight-year-old Sissy loves her life. She loves her toys, her Big house, and her Big backyard. But when Sissy’s parents decide they are going to “live Tiny,” the thought of parting with some of her belongings and living in a Little house on wheels doesn’t sound so good. But as her family’s new adventure unfolds, Sissy begins to understand that “stuff is just stuff” and living in a Tiny House is filled with the possibility of Big adventures!”

No matter where they live, children will adjust and learn to enjoy living tiny.

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Photos are pages from Issue 81 of the Tiny House Magazine

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