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September 17, 2019

Win $500 Cash From

I first told you about this newly launched tiny house site about six months ago. Since that time the site has rapidly grown in popularity and has established a significant user base consisting of individuals, companies and organizations who are there to learn new information, share existing knowledge and connect with one another through meaningful and stimulating discussions. is the web’s first and only FREE on-line forum connecting people currently involved in the tiny house community as well as those who are just starting to explore the tiny house lifestyle. The site owner, Chuck has built an on-line community expressly for the purpose of exchanging information, ideas and resources related to the tiny house movement all in one central location. Thus, eliminating the need to search all over the web in order to find the information you need to make decisions related to transitioning into the tiny house lifestyle.

The site is dedicated to inspiring and nurturing all who are interested in furthering their knowledge of the tiny house revolution. And best of all, they’re currently holding a contest where you can win $500 cash just for making your first few posts to the forum. To learn more about the site and get all the contest details simply click on over to

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