Tiny House Magazine Issue 74 - Tiny House Blog
February 19, 2019

Tiny House Magazine Issue 74

This month romance is in the air and Laura LaVoie’s story on how to stay in love, even in a tiny house, is appropriate to anyone who has had to share their small home with another human. Living in a tiny house with limited personal space can be a challenge, but Laura contributes six great ideas that have helped her and her partner stay in love while living tiny.

Speaking of love, we also have several stories of people sharing their tiny homes with big, lovable dogs. Tiffany Bee lives on her sailboat with a cattle dog and offers advice on how to live in less than 200 square feet with a very active animal.

Do you need an affordable alternative to commercial composting toilets? Nick Peterson, owner and creator of Tiny Wood Stove, is developing the Throne Composting Toilet based on his own family’s needs on their homestead in northern Idaho. Check out his simple, yet efficient design on page 21.

Enjoy these stories and so much more in this issue of the Tiny House Magazine.

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