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Tiny House Diversity

One big draw to me when I first became interested in tiny houses 14 years ago was the diversity of construction options. I was drawn to them all: yurts, floating houses, log cabins, vans, RVs, sheep wagons, and even Overlanding trucks.

In this month’s issue, Christina interviews a medical worker who transformed an ambulance into a Montana adventure rig. I’m inspired by several things in this story. Paul MacMillan, the builder, was looking for a tough rig that could both handle rough roads and was easy to maintain.

He chose a retired 1989 International Harvester medium-duty truck that was decommissioned as an ambulance. One advantage of an ambulance is that it is built to some of the highest standards of quality and care.

With that as a base, he converted it into a tiny house that he can take just about anywhere. He continues to fine-tune the home to fit his needs.

Think about the many types of vehicles out there. Does a certain type inspire you? Could you see converting it into tiny home for yourself?

One of MacMillan’s biggest takeaways is to do the work yourself. It will give you a real feeling of accomplishment and teach you practical (and nearly forgotten) skills.

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