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Alex Ontiveros and Is Tiny House Certification Worth It?

Ethan in his podcast this week discusses with Alex Ontiveros who runs Pacific West tiny homes about certification of tiny homes.

Ethan who has always been skeptical of certification wants to see if Alex can convince him of its worth. In the last episode, Jenifer Levini didn’t help Ethan’s skepticism. Can Alex change his mind?

Listen and find out…

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In This Episode:

  • The certification process explained
  • RVIA or ANSI: what qualifies for which?
  • Egress windows and their importance
  • What is the cost of certification and what does it include?
  • Why should a DIY builder have their tiny home certified?
  • Materials, techniques, and systems that comply with code
  • Do you really need a contractor?
  • The effect of the pandemic on the tiny house movement

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