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Pros and Cons of Tiny House Living

While scanning through this month’s issue of the Tiny House Magazine I spotted an interesting trend: the pros and cons of tiny house living. This was not at all intentional as all our writers bring in their own vision when they submit their articles and are not given any theme to follow.

Macy Miller shares her and her family’s story and through the transitions profiles the pros of tiny house living.

Brenda Mason-Parmalee, who was recently married, presents the challenges of merging two lives into one small space.

Meghan Marsden digs deep into tiny house pros and cons in her article. Many of the pros are why you are reading this magazine and the cons may not be what you think.

We also cover the pros and cons of living in a tiny house without a loft in a story by a Staff Writer.

Are you tough enough to take on the challenges but potential rewards of tiny house living?

Pics below from Tiny House Magazine Issue 94.

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